Top 50 Fantasy Football Keeper Rankings

Often times I have people argue with me when I post my Football Keeper Rankings so before I get into my 2014-2015 Keeper Rankings I want to look back at last season's Keepers and how they did this year. The ones I missed on (Robert Griffin III, Percy Harvin, Roddy White, and Julio Jones) often dealt with injuries or had issues with the coaching staff. Heading into next season I'm going to focus on the depth of certain positions as I adjust my Rankings from one year ago.

These rankings are based on each player's value from right now over the next three-to-five years, and beyond.

2013-2014 Rankings

1. Adrian Peterson MIN - RB1
2. Arian Foster HOU - RB2
3. Marshawn Lynch SEA - RB3
4. Doug Martin TB - RB4
5. Ray Rice BAL - RB5
6. A.J. Green CIN - WR1
7. Jamaal Charles KC - RB6
8. LeSean McCoy PHI - RB7
9. Trent Richardson CLE - RB8
10. Alfred Morris WSH - RB9
11. Calvin Johnson DET - WR2
12. Aaron Rodgers GB - QB1
13. Julio Jones ATL - WR3
14. Demaryius Thomas DEN - WR4
15. Dez Bryant DAL - WR5
16. C.J. Spiller BUF - RB10
17. Rob Gronkowski NE - TE1
18. Jimmy Graham NO - TE2
19. Brandon Marshall CHI - WR6
20. Maurice Jones-Drew JAX - RB11
21. Andrew Luck IND - QB2
22. Cam Newton CAR - QB3
23. Russell Wilson SEA - QB4
24. Robert Griffin III WSH - QB5
25. Colin Kaepernick SF - QB6
26. Roddy White ATL - WR7
27. Stevan Ridley NE - RB12
28. Matt Forte CHI - RB13
29. Drew Brees NO - QB7
30. Tom Brady NE - QB8
31. Peyton Manning DEN - QB9
32. Chris Johnson TEN - RB14
33. Matt Ryan ATL - QB10 
34. Darren McFadden OAK - RB15
35. DeMarco Murray DAL - RB16
36. Mike Wallace FA - WR8
37. Torrey Smith BAL - WR9
38. Percy Harvin MIN - WR10
39. Vincent Jackson TB - WR11
40. Steven Jackson STL - RB17
41. Matthew Stafford DET - QB11
42. Victor Cruz NYG - WR12
43. Andre Johnson HOU - WR13
44. Frank Gore SF - RB18
45. Reggie Bush FA - RB19
46. Larry Fitzgerald ARI - WR14
47. Ryan Mathews SD - RB20
48. Marques Colsten NO - WR15
49. Eric Decker DEN - WR16
50. BenJarvus Green-Ellis CIN - RB21

2014-2015 Rankings

1. Jamaal Charles KC - RB1
2. Adrian Peterson MIN - RB2
3. LeSean McCoy PHI - RB3
4. Marshawn Lynch SEA - RB4
5. Eddie Lacy GB - RB5
6. Jimmy Graham NO - TE1
7. A. J. Green CIN - WR1
8. Aaron Rodgers GB - QB1
9. Matt Forte CHI - RB6
10. Calvin Johnson DET - WR2
11. Reggie Bush DET - RB7
12. Demaryius Thomas DEN - WR3
13. Andrew Luck IND - QB2
14. Doug Martin TB - RB8
15. Dez Bryant DAL - WR4
16. Julius Thomas DEN - TE2
17. Josh Gordon CLE - WR5
18. Le'Veon Bell PIT - RB9
19. Cam Newton CAR - QB3
20. Brandon Marshall CHI - WR6
21. Giovani Bernard CIN - RB10
22. Russell Wilson SEA - QB4
23. Colin Kaepernick SF - QB5
24. DeMarco Murray DAL - RB11
25. Julio Jones ATL - WR7
26. Alfred Morris WSH - RB12
27. Torrey Smith BAL - WR8
28. Zac Stacy STL - RB13
29. Knowshon Moreno DEN - RB14
30. Drew Brees NO - QB6
31. Stevan Ridley NE - RB15
32. Jordy Nelson GB - WR9
33. Peyton Manning DEN - QB7
34. T.Y. Hilton IND - WR10
35. Alshon Jeffery CHI - WR11
36. C.J. Spiller BUF - RB16
37. Chris Johnson TEN - RB17
38. Tom Brady NE - QB8
39. Arian Foster HOU - RB18
40. Ray Rice BAL - RB19
41. Vincent Jackson TB - WR12
42. Erick Decker DEN - WR13
43. Rob Gronkowski NE - TE3
44. Antonio Brown PIT - WR14
45. Robert Griffin III WSH - QB9
46. Maurice Jones-Drew JAC - RB20
47. Donald Brown IND - RB21
48. Keenan Allen SD - WR15
49. Ryan Mathews SD - RB22
50. Randall Cobb GB - WR16

I'll be adjusting my Rankings throughout the off season. Between coaching changes, the Draft and contract negotiations, there are a lot of x-factors that have yet to play out. Here are some players who just missed the cut (in no particular order)...

Frank Gore
Darren McFadden
Pierre Thomas
Steven Jackson
Chris Ivory
David Wilson
Darren Sproles
Trent Richardson

Matt Ryan
Matthew Stafford
Andy Dalton
Philip Rivers

DeSean Jackson
Andre Johnson
Pierre Garcon
Wes Welker
Roddy White
Victor Cruz
Andre Johnson
Kendall Wright

Vernon Davis
Jordan Cameron
Greg Olsen
Coby Fleener

If you have any questions please post them in the comment section below.

Alex Wiesner
January 23rd, 2014


01/23/2014 11:15

I need to pick a third keeper between Reggie bush, Pierre garçon or Matt stafford (am keeping Jamal Charles and jimmy graham)... Is bush really that much of a better choice?????

Alex Wiesner
01/23/2014 15:33

I'm higher on him than most. The way I see it, he played in just 14 games and recorded over 1,500 total yards. I think he scores more next season and maintains that yardage. I think he's in his prime.

01/23/2014 19:29

What are your keeper thoughts on Monte Ball and Shane Vereen?

12 teams 3 keepers with 0.5ppr.

My other keepers are Shady and Graham.

Alex Wiesner
01/24/2014 08:09

I'd have to go with Ball over Vereen just because there's Blount and Ridley ahead of Vereen and just Moreno ahead of Ball.

01/29/2014 14:58

You think that Frank Gore just missed the cut on a top 50 based on value for the next 3-5 years? With his career carry totals at his age, I find it hard to believe he has even 1 more year of Top 50 fantasy value. If Marcus Lattimore returns to form from injury, he will likely be the lead back by 2015.

02/07/2014 23:03

im having a hard time choosing my two keepers for my dynasty league.. my options are: jamal charles, lesean mccoy, or peyton manning.... the issue im having is the top 5 QB's will be kept as keepers and I feel that I will be at a disadvantage if I do not keep a top qb
. your thoughts??

Alex Wiesner
02/12/2014 02:06

I love Manning but I couldn't pass on Charles and McCoy. You can always draft a second tier QB (Dalton, Foles, etc. QB is deep) and not miss out on much.

04/01/2014 19:48

I'm in a 12 team 2 player keeper league (TD's=6pts for all players), who should I keep between Aaron Rodgers, Alfred Morris and Demarco Murray...

Alex Wiesner
04/03/2014 20:17

Rodgers and Murray... but that could change depending on how things go in the Draft.

04/16/2014 21:28

No one has answered this question yet, probably b/c it sounds crazy - but here we go: I can keep BOTH Charles and McCoy for my first and second picks, and I draft 10th out of 10, so, I wouldn't draft till late 3rd Round. I could keep Morris for a 9th rounder, and we only keep 2 overall --- so, here's the question, if I could land a stud wide-out or TE in the 2nd round, would you keep Morris instead of one of Charles or McCoy?

Thanks for your time.

04/21/2014 10:40

I have to keep 4 keepers from the following list in a 10 team head to head league with 1 pt per catch. I am the defending champ and wondering if it's worth keeping Manning for another season to try and defend my title. Appears that he can put up another monster fantasy season but there are good options at QB like Dalton / Foles etc. (Peyton Manning, Shady McCoy, AJ Green, Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Jordan Cameron, Demarco Murray).

My plan is to keep Shady, Green, Murray and Peyton. Murray is an injury risk but still had a great season with a few games missed. Johnson and White are getting older. I might as well keep Peyton for a repeat title run?

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