2014 NBA Mock Draft 1.0
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This is my first NBA Mock Draft for the upcoming 2014 Draft. Although the Draft isn't scheduled to take place until Thursday, June 26th (over five months away), I figured it's never too early to start projecting first rounders.

In this Mock Draft I will project teams and players in a way that I believe will be the best for the NBA in terms of adding more hype to these rookies and giving hope of a turnaround to bad teams. Don't forget that the NBA uses the lottery pick method so it would not be surprising to see a team win a higher draft pick than what their record would have them slotted for. 

There are also a lot of trade repercussions that will be executed in this Mock. So before you ask me why the Suns have four picks, or why the Thunder, Bobcats, Jazz, Celtics, Magic and Bulls all have two picks, do your homework.

One more thing to keep in mind, there's a lot of time between now and the Draft so take this Mock with a grain of salt as I'm sure I'll be changing things over the next several months.

First Round

1. Sacramento Kings
Andrew Wiggins SF Kansas

 - Something I predicted back in October.

2. Milwaukee Bucks
Jabari Parker SF Duke

 - They'll land either Wiggins or Parker. Can't really mess this up.

3. LA Lakers
Julius Randle PF Kentucky

 - I think they'll make a strong pitch for Carmelo Anthony this off season.

4. Utah Jazz
Joel Embiid C Kansas

 - I'm not a Kanter fan. Embiid is a legit two-way player that can change the way a franchise is looked at.

5. Orlando Magic
Marcus Smart PG Oklahoma State

 - He's my favorite Point Guard in the Draft.

6. Philadelphia 76ers
Dario Saric PF Croatia

 - I had him as a Top 15 player entering last year's Draft, twice. Another year overseas did him some good.

7. Boston Celtics
Aaron Gordon SF Arizona

 - A young Blake Griffin.

8. Cleveland Cavaliers
Noah Vonleh PF Indiana

 - Just think of him as a work in progress. I mean, he's only 18 years old.

9. Denver Nuggets
Gary Harris SG Michigan

 - Ty Lawson needs a partner in the back court. I think they could trade down and still get him.

10. Atlanta Hawks
James Young SF Kentucky

 - Thought about Exum here but Teague and Schroder seem to have that position on lock down.

11. Philadelphia 76ers
Rodney Hood SF Duke

 - They may trade down.

12. Memphis Grizzlies
Dante Exum PG Australia

 - They lack depth at the Point. Exum makes all the sense in the World although he may not be on the board at this point.

13. Phoenix Suns
Doug McDermott SF Creighton

 - The kid can shoot only problem is getting open in the NBA is a lot harder than it is at Creighton.

14. Charlotte Bobcats
Zach LaVine PG UCLA

 - Kemba Walker's contract is set up as a team option for next year worth about $3.2 million.

15. Orlando Magic
Willie Cauley-Stein C Kentucky

 - An energetic backup to Nikola Vucevic. Could go in the Top 10.

16. Chicago Bulls
Jerami Grant SF Syracuse

 - Deng's replacement.

17. Chicago Bulls
Tyler Ennis PG Syracus

 - Drafting college teammates back-to-back would be pretty cool. There's also the need for a backup Point Guard behind the oft-injured Derrick Rose.

18. Phoenix Suns
Glenn Robinson III SF Michigan

 - An athletic wing player that can make highlight plays.

19. Boston Celtics
Adreian Payne PF Michigan State

 - The Celtics need someone like Payne in their rotation as they rebuild.

20. Toronto Raptors
Jordan Clarkson PG Missouri

 - A potential mismatch in the NBA, can score and dish.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder
Shabazz Napier PG Connecticut

 - I'd like to see them trade up into the Top 10 considering they have two first rounders.

22. Phoenix Suns
T.J. Warren SF North Carolina State

 - The third of their four first round picks.

23. Houston Rockets
Montrezl Harrell PF Louisville

 - He'll eat up minutes in Houston without demanding shots. James Harden and Dwight Howard will like that.

24. LA Clippers
Kyle Anderson SF UCLA

 - Clippers need depth at the wing.

25. Utah Jazz
Vasilije Micic PG Serbia

 - Trey Burke is too small. Micic is listed at 6' 5" 200 pounds.

26. Charlotte Bobcats
Chris Walker PF Florida

 - It's either Walker or Roscoe Smith here. Walker's size will win out in my opinion.

27. San Antonio Spurs
Sam Dekker SF Wisconsin

 - A high IQ player who will fit Pop's system well. Dekker will contribute in more ways than one.

28. Miami Heat
P.J. Hairston SG North Carolina

 - Don't forget about Hairston. Miami would be the perfect fit for him to grow as a player and as a man.

29. Phoenix Suns
Spencer Dinwiddie SG Colorado

 - A versatile back court player that can hit the three consistently. 

30. Oklahoma City Thunder
Michael Qualls SG Arkansas

 - Trade bait.

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Alex Wiesner
January 10th, 2014


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