2013 Fantasy Baseball

Catchers 1-10

1. Buster Posey SF
BA - .317
HR - 27
RBI - 101
Runs - 77
SB - 2

Coming off an MVP season, Posey is by far the number one catcher in the game. The beauty of drafting Buster is that he's still just 26 years old as he enters his 4th season as a pro. In 2012 he hit .340 with runners in scoring position. An interesting split from the Giants catcher is that he hit .289 prior to the All Star break and .385 after. Posey will once again hit cleanup this season making him the most sought after fantasy backstop in the league.

2. Matt Wieters BAL
BA - .258
HR - 26
RBI - 80
Runs - 70
SB - 2

Coming off back-to-back 22-plus home run seasons, Wieters is a proven power hitting catcher. His strikeout rate did increase 3.7% last season which led to a 13 point drop in batting average. I think we'll see a slight increase in power and batting average in 2013. 

3. Carlos Santana CLE
BA - .256
HR - 24
RBI - 84
Runs - 74
SB - 4

Santana has the potential to hit 30 home runs as soon as this year if he can decrease his strikeout rate and increase his Isolated Power Rate. Last season his ISO Power Rate was .168 (career low). He did turn it on in the second half of last season hitting .281 after the All Star break compared to the .221 prior to the midsummer Classic. If everything goes right Santana could hit .270 with 30-plus homers, but realistically he'll end up in the .250's with just above average power numbers.

4. Joe Mauer MIN
BA - .304
HR - 10
RBI - 72
Runs - 78
SB - 5

I'm a little down on Mauer entering the year. I'm not a believer in his power and without Ben Revere and Denard Span at the top of the lineup, his RBI chances will take a big hit. That being said, he'll still post a .300-plus average this year. For me, it's not a durability issue anymore, it's a production issue.

5. Yadier Molina STL
BA - .299
HR - 16
RBI - 74
Runs - 63
SB - 8

Was the 2012 Yadier foreal? After researching the numbers, I'd say the batting average is legit but the power is not. I'm expecting a decrease in power but I still have him as a Top 5 catcher entering the season.

6. Wilin Rosario COL
BA - .261
HR - 26
RBI - 75
Runs - 67
SB - 4

Rosario is a major sleeper entering 2013. Last season he hit 14 homers prior to the All Star break and 14 home runs after the break. Not a big difference; however, he found a way to increase his batting average 44 points (.247 to .291) after the break as well. He turns 24 years old in February. He's another potential 30-homer guy.

7. Salvador Perez KC
BA - .310
HR - 15
RBI - 75
Runs - 61
SB - 0

If you like undervalued catchers, look no further than Perez. At 22 years old, the Royals backstop is well on his way to having a breakout season. Listed at 6' 3" and a stout 244 pounds, Perez can hit for power and average. He managed to hit 11 homers in 76 games last season (only 3 of those were at home). In his short career, he's posted a batting average of .295 at home compared to his .325 average on the road. He is a good all around hitter that should thrive in the pressure free environment of Kansas City.

8. Miguel Montero ARI
BA - .284
HR - 18
RBI - 86
Runs - 64
SB - 1

Montero is a veteran hitter who has managed to put up back-to-back 15-plus home run seasons. I love my Montero projections this season. He will, once again, be a solid contributor to your fantasy team.

9. Mike Napoli BOS
BA - .289
HR - 27
RBI - 81
Runs - 68
SB - 2

Over the past 3 seasons, Napoli hit .366 when visiting Fenway Park. That includes 6 home runs in 41 at bats. There's no reason to think he won't continue those trends with a little extra cash in his pockets. Napoli does have a tendency to get into slumps so I ranked him a little lower than other experts.

10. Victor Martinez DET
BA - .309
HR - 10
RBI - 90
Runs - 69
SB - 1

After missing all of last season I fully expect V-Mart to pick up right where he left off two years ago. Martinez is a plus average hitter with double digit pop hitting behind Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera. If that's not enough to get you to buy-in, then I don't know what is. He should retain catcher eligibility this season and if he doesn't he'll gain it back by the All Star break.

Alex Wiesner
January 1st, 2013


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